The Dos and Don’ts of Microblading on the Gold Coast

There are so many ladies who feel very shy whenever they are in public because they have eyebrows whose volume is very low and with noticeable space.  However you do not have to feel ashamed of your eyebrows since there are solutions to search issues. Instead, you should consider looking for a procedure that will help you make your eyebrows look beautiful, natural and full.  A great procedure you can consider if such a situation is microblading.  Microblading is a cosmetic technique that involves the addition of semi permanent pigmentation to the eyebrows’ epidermal layer. The pigments added to the epidermal layer are in the form of tiny hair tattooed using a needle like instrument.  These eyebrows are semi-permanent and not natural but with the help of a microblading technician you can learn how to increase the lifespan of these micro bladed brows.

Things to Avoid Before A Microblading Session on the Gold Coast

If you have a microblading appointment with your microblading technician there are several things that you need to avoid before the microblading session to ensure that the procedure is successful.  The following are the things you need to avoid before microblading;

  • Waxing

This is one of the things that you have to avoid doing in case you’re planning to go for a microblading procedure. This is because waxing can make you have an unnatural feeling on your brows.  You should avoid waxing especially because microblading works with the natural eyebrows you have.  However if you require urgent waxing you should do it a week before you are microblading appointments today.

  • Botox

The procedure that should be avoided before a microblading appointment is Botox.  The main reason why you are advised to avoid Botox before getting your microblading treatment is because Botox wears off with time. This means that your brows may not settle like you wish them to settle when you microblading them after getting Botox.  If you need to go for your Botox appointment, it should be done a month before your microblading appointment.

  • Alcohol and caffeine

Taking caffeine and alcohol can be risky when you are going for your microblading session.  Both alcohol and caffeine are blood thinners which causes you to have frequent bleeding during the microblading procedure.  This is why you are asked to avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine before and after your microblading treatment.


How to Make Microblading Results Last Longer

If you want your microblading results to last longer, follow these advices from microblading specialists:

  • Follow all the microblading aftercare instructions

After your microblading procedure, your microblading specialist will provide you with the aftercare instructions that you need to follow. You need to know that if you compromise the aftercare it will not yield the results that you expect. Instead, you should ensure that you follow these instructions exactly like your specialists say.

  • Avoid exercising during the first 2 weeks after microblading

Sweat causes the implantation of pigments on the eyebrows and can make your micro bladed brows to fade or appear blurry after they heal fully.  For long lasting microblading results make sure that you avoid exercising or working out especially two weeks after the procedure is done.

  • Avoid anti aging and anti acne products

When you use the above products you will make your microblading strokes fade prematurely. Therefore for long lasting results, make sure that you avoid using such products.



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