Great Jobs for Disabled Persons

Many research studies have found that some forms of disability are felt and experienced by many people. Disabilities ranging from emotional challenges, blindness, and physical immobility to hearing loss can make it extremely hard to look for a job.

However, knowing their rights and a suitable career is one way to hurdle the job hunt for disabled persons. Government encouragement along with financial stipends has made businesses offer great jobs for disabled persons.

The spectrum of requirements, conditions and symptoms has made the term “disability” a broad one. Great jobs for disabled persons become possible when they are fit to the conditions of a disabled individual.

For instance, jobs involved in audio engineering become a good fit for disabled persons with vision impairment with an excellent sense of sound. In the same way, disabled persons with hearing impairment can focus well in jobs with loud noise decibels such as construction.


The job options that seem to work well with persons with disabilities include:


Graphic Designer

A heightened sense of vision is often seen in people with hearing impairment. Being a graphic artist or designer is an appealing option for talented people without the ability to hear. Talented artists with hearing impediments bring an advanced level of visualisation making them the best hire for this type of career.

Veterinary Assistant

Working with animals is seen to benefit many mental, emotional, and physical disabilities. This makes a career as a veterinary assistant an excellent option for people suffering from varied forms of mental, emotional, and physical illnesses. A high school diploma is often the only requirement for someone to become a veterinary assistant. The workload typically means having charge of animals staying at vet clinics and hospitals.

Freelance Writer

Working at home is achieved by creative disabled people opting to work on a freelance basis. Physically disabled people with great writing skills will do well in choosing this career path. Opting to become a freelance writer allows disabled people to earn while staying within the comforts of their homes.

Shop Assistant

Regular pay, job consistency, and the chance to engage socially are the top perks for shop assistants. People with disabilities will do well working as stock clerks, a cashier, or behind the counter. Large retail conglomerates offer excellent benefits like time off and health insurance.

Call Centre Agent

High accessibility and comfort for people with disabilities are with work-from-home jobs. Remote work such as being a call centre agent has become possible with the rapid growth and expansion of many companies. The call centre representatives are typically given leeway over their working hours and the pay often depends on the finance and size of the company.


Owning a business where one can set their working hours and workplace is a dream for many people with or without disabilities. It is more so with disabled people where they can find their particular career niche in becoming business owners. The career can be challenging but the rewards can be immense.

Manufacturing Associate

Repetitive and routine work can provide a level of comfort to people suffering from mental disabilities. A career as a manufacturing associate will be the right fit for people with mental disabilities. The familiarity of their work and the products handled eventually make them skilful assembly line workers.


Disabled people have the right to work and earn just like any average person. Contact us if you are looking for jobs for disabled persons in Australia.


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