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Massage Therapies


Reflexology for Feet

This localized massage technique is based on the theory that certain zones of the feet correspond directly to specific areas on the body. Prepare to experience deep relaxation following this treatment. Reflexology is a superb add-on to any massage or, by itself, a quick way to relax.

30 minutes      $50



Swedish Massage

A classic light to medium pressure massage that helps to relieve tension, improve muscle tone and circulation, using long even strokes. Excellent for first time massage clients.

50 minutes      $80
80 minutes      $100



Aromatherapy Massage

A light to medium pressure massage using a rhythmic technique for ultimate relaxation. Pure aromatic essential oils are introduced through inhilation and application for a deep sense of well being.

50 minutes      $80
80 minutes $100



Heavenly Head, Hands & Feet

Melt away tension & stress and totally relax with a targeted treatment. Enjoy an invigorating head massage, followed by foot reflexology (pressure point massage), and finally an anti-aging hand treatment using LED light for firming and hydration.

80 minutes      $135



Deep Tissue Sports Massage

An invigorating massage ideal for the sports minded person seeking a deep, strong massage.

50 minutes      $90
80 minutes $125



La Stone Therapeutic Massage

Using Smooth, heated Basalt stones your body is massaged with aromatic essential oils. A special focus is placed on the back and feet making this massage ideal for tension release and deep relaxation.

50 minutes      $95
80 minutes $125



Thai Herbal Massage

Utilizeds heated Thai Herbal compresses to help relieve muscle & join pain.

50 minutes      $105
80 minutes $130



Couple Massage

Double the delight when you & a companion relax side by side, each with your own therapist, enjoying a massage in our couples suite. Apre` massage champayne & chocolates are served.

Swedish or Deep Tissue (60minutes)      $200
Swedish (80 minutes) $240
Deep Tissue (80 minutes) $290



Add a paraffin treatment to any massage:

Hands      $18
Feet $30



Body Cocoons & Body Scrubs


Body Cocoons

Surround yourself in a cocoon of warmth as your skin is remineralized and hydrated. Breathe in tranquility while your entire body relaxes and stress slips away. A warm, smooth mask will be applied from the nape of your neck to the tips of your toes. You will then be wrapped to retain heat and to ensure maximum absorption of nutrients from the mask.

Choose From Below      $160


Aromatic Moor Mud

A wonderful wrap to help relieve muscular tension, aches, fatigue & stress.


Tropical Mango & Passion Fruit

Close your eyes and breathe in the fragrance of the & passion fruit. Smells so yummy, you might be tempted to taste it! These tropical ingredients are anti-aging, firming, and invigorting, all in this delicious cocoon, includes a mango yogurt scrub.


Moroccan Rassoul Cocoon

Micronized brown mud, highly mineralizing, rejuvenating, relieves fatigue.


Desert Heat

A self heating body cocoon that warms up after it is applied. It is very soothing & relaxing, while it mineralizes, moisturizes and refines the skin.


Green Coffee Cocoon

For cellulite & rejuvenation, stimilates the release of toxins, slims & firms skin. Together with home treatment helps win the battle against cellulite.

** Body cocoon includes the vichy shower and body scrub of your choice.



Body Scrubs

A perfect prelude to any body treatment or water therapy. The treatment includes the Vichy Rain Shower, which is an overhead shower with 6 heads to rinse your body after a body scub.

Choose from:

Sea Salt Glow or Sugar Body Polish

A luxurious treatment that stimulates circulation, exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving your skin baby soft. | 95



Water Therapies- Your Kur (Bath)

In the European tradition of taking the 'Kur' (cure), a spa experience is used to improve overall health by utilizing medicinal mud, mineral water, herbs, seaweed, essential oil massages and exercise to restore your true self and wellness. You deserve it.

Choose From:

Seaweed Kur | $65

A gift from the sea. Luxuriate in a bath filled with French seaweed which stimulates metabolic activity, nourishes, tones and detoxes. Reduces edema. The perfect adjunct to a weight reduction program or post-liposuction. Contraindicated if you are allergic to seaweed, seafood or iodine.


Milk and Honey Kur | $65

A favorite Eurpean bath for beautifully silky skin. Milk whey is naturally exfoliating and moisturizing. This treatment promotes radiant, hydrated, calm skin. The perfect choice for dry, sensitive skin.


Seasonal Menu of Herbal & Salt Kurs | $65

A deeply relaxing therapeutic tea baths. (Ask therapist for menu)


Underwater Massage with Hydrotherapy | $95

This massage utilizes the powerful water jets from our hydrotherapy tub for a deep tissue experience. With the guidance of a trained therapist, this massage will reduce cellulite through improved circulation and the detoxification of your skin.


*Water therapies or Kurs (cures) are experienced in our 100-jet water therapy tub.




Etheria Salon & Spa surrounds a beautiful, tranquil courtyard & fountain; bringing a peaceful environment inside. Our 6,000 square foot salon & spa features hair, nails & makeup services in our salon.

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