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Soothe, heal, and strengthen your largest organ – your skin. A facial is a soothing, nourishing treatment that treats both the external & internal you.


Deep Cleansing Facial | $85

Specially designed for those who have never had a facial or it has been too long since your last facial. Start with deep pore cleansing with an application of papaya enzyme and steam, followed by extraction, if needed. A personalized anti-stress facial massage and finishing with a mask application.



Classic European Facial | $110

All the elements of deep cleansing facial with the addition of an ampoule for deeply penetrating treatment. Dramatically improves elasticity, dehydration or stressed skin.



Men’s Facial | $85

A classic European facial tailored to a man's specific skin care needs of skin sensitivity and razor burn.



Pre-Teen Facial ( ages 11-14 only ) | $65

A revolution in teen skincare. Three wonderful, results driven facials , targeting teen concerns of acne, dryness, and sun exposure. Each facial includes instruction on 'proper' skin care and samples. Start your teen with the right tools for lifelong skincare.



Light Peels (glycolic, lactic acid, acid blends) | 50 and up

Add on for a deep cleansing facial.



Back | $125

A facial focusing on the back: deep cleansing, exfoliation with papaya enzyme, massage with our signature aromatherapy blend oil and a personalized mask.

Add glycolic or lactic acid | $45 and up



Lymphatic Drainage | $125

Alight rhythmic massage-based facial stimulates the flow of lymph. This treatment helps relieve facial edema (swelling) and bruising; highly recommended for pre and post surgery by many of Houston's top plastic surgeons.



Rosecea | $120

Natural botanicals of green tea, licorice, essence of rose and frankincense are combined with seaweed in a lift-off layered mask to diffuse redness; leaving your skin calm, clear and hydrated. Contraindicated if you are allergic to seaweed, seafood or iodine.




Acne Facials


Level 1 (Minor Breakout) | $95

A gentle, healing treatment utilizing acne fighting ingredients



Level 2 (Continued Breakouts) | $115

Utilizing ultrasound to reduce inflammation



Level 3 (Cystic Breakouts) | $145

Utilizing LED Blue light to kill bacteria






Level 1 | $125

A gentle yet very effective skin resurfacing treatment utilizing natural crystals to restore your skin to its radiant best.

Series of Six | $625



Level 2 | $145

Plus ultrasound for penetration of vitamins



Level 3 | $185

Plus LED red light for anti-aging



Level 4 | $225

Plus micro-lift and LED red light for anti-aging


Etheria Salon & Spa surrounds a beautiful, tranquil courtyard & fountain; bringing a peaceful environment inside. Our 6,000 square foot salon & spa features hair, nails & makeup services in our salon.

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